How To Look Fabulous For Any Portrait – Part 2

There’s A Curvy Road Ahead!

In our last post we told you how to stand in front of the camera. Now that we’ve got you turned it’s time to show off those curves ladies! The key is to put most of your weight on one foot. I usually like to start off with a simple pose so I’ll have my client point their front foot straight towards me at the camera. Next I have them put their back foot just behind the heel of the front foot but turned 45 degrees away from the front. Now here’s comes the magic part! Just put your weight on your back foot and relax your hips while bending your front knee. This will cause the hips to pop out and wah la… instant curves!

Once we get this basic pose down we can move on to other poses but again keep in mind to shift your weight to one foot or the other. We’re slowly working our way to the top so stay tuned for the next great tip!

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