How to Look Fabulous For Any Portrait – Part 1

About 90% of the time I end up photographing women and when I ask them if they have any reservations about being photographed, 90% percent of the time they tell me, “Don’t make me look fat!” If I tell them show me a pose and get ready to take a shot most of the time they stand square to the camera like it’s a mugshot. I’m a photographer unlike the people that take snapshots at the DMV or your local police station so it’s my job to make you look good and to look skinny! This series of post is to help anyone look their best for a portrait.

How to stand to in front of the camera

There are few people that can get away with standing square in front of the camera. When most average people (self included) do this we look big and wide. In this this post I’m going to show you how to instantly lose weight! Here’s how:

Looking at the picture below. I’ve drawn a horizontal line 5 inches in length. Let’s call this line “wide load.”

As you can see “wide” load is quite… Wide! To make wide load skinny all we have to do is turn it 45 degrees!

By turning wide load 45 degrees we’ve now made the width 3.7 inches. We now have instant weight lose with no dieting!

We often turn our models and clients to make them slimmer for the camera. So the next time someone points a camera at you tell them hold on a second let me get into my pose and turn your body. You’ll look slim and trim and absolutely fabulous! Stay tuned for more posing tips to come!

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