Restore your vision naturally with one lesson

I’ve worn glasses almost all my life and in November of 2018, I came across a Youtube video by Angie Hepp about how she was restoring her vision naturally. I was intrigued and researched more. I learned about the Bates Method and Active focusing by Todd Becker and Jake Steiner as well other vision restoration […]

Poached Salmon and A Rosé

Lately Marcy and I have been stepping up our game for food and wine pairing. I got a few books on pairings and I’m starting to get to the point now that I can create a dish on the fly with no recipe that pairs really good with the wine we selected for the evening. […]

Estelle Bakery & Pâtisserie

Marcy had an uncle that use to always judge restaurants and eateries by their desserts. He used to say if the place has great desserts, then it almost always has great food. He was a man after my own heart, rest his soul, because I also look at dessert menus before I would look at […]

Hiking To Avery’s Pond

This past Saturday, Marcy and I went with our couples meetup group to Avery’s Pond.  Even though we’ve lived in California for 3 years this was our first hike since we’ve been here. Avery’s Pond is a 2.7 mile loop trail located near Newcastle, California at the Rattlesnake Bar. The hike to the pond runs along […]

Catal UVA Bar – Downtown Disneyland

My wife and I go to Disneyland about every other month. We are annual passholders so we try to take advantage of going down to Anaheim as much as we possibly can. We’ve had our annual passes for about three years and have mostly eaten at the majority of the restaurants in California Adventure and Disneyland Park. On […]

Wine Country of Paso Robles

When most people think of California wines, they tend to think only about Napa but that’s only the tip of the iceberg for wine regions in the state. My wife and I decided to try wines outside of our closet local region which is Placerville County. We decided to give Paso Robles a try since […]

Sand Mountain, Nevada

Should you ever decide to do a long drive across America you may want to try the road less traveled. In summer of 2017 I had to go to Nebraska for my National Rollerskating Championship. We drove there on I-80 but on the way home we decided to take US Route 50 to come home. […]

Goodbye Virginia, Hello …

On July 30, 2015 I celebrated my birthday while behind the wheel of  a Penske truck. My wife, father-in-law and I drove 3000 miles across the country to our new home in California! I have lived in Virginia all my life but my wife is from Sacramento, California. When we met, she moved to Virginia […]

How To Look Fabulous For Any Portrait – Part 2

There’s A Curvy Road Ahead! In our last post we told you how to stand in front of the camera. Now that we’ve got you turned it’s time to show off those curves ladies! The key is to put most of your weight on one foot. I usually like to start off with a simple […]

How to Look Fabulous For Any Portrait – Part 1

About 90% of the time I end up photographing women and when I ask them if they have any reservations about being photographed, 90% percent of the time they tell me, “Don’t make me look fat!” If I tell them show me a pose and get ready to take a shot most of the time […]