Everyone is unique and your Senior Portraits should be too! We are modern portrait artists so we customize each senior photoshoot to the individual. You can choose to do a little or do a lot. We make sure there’s something for everyone so you’ll have the best photography experience of your life.

We don’t charge a session fee. You read that right, there is no session fee! We charge an order minimum per outfit. So depending on how many outfits you have determines how much much order minimum you pay. Our order minimum is $100.00 per outfit. So it works like this:

1 Outfit    = $100.00
2 Outfits  = $200.00
3 Outfits =  $300.00
4 Outfits =  $400.00 etc.

Your order minimum is due prior to your session. You will receive a print credit code after your session.


Where can I take my pictures?
Where do you want to take your pictures? We have taken senior portraits at the beach, in the city, at a park and even at our client’s homes. Your session can be almost anywhere! Some locations may incur an additional fee.

How long will my session last?
It typically takes about 15-30 minutes per outfits.

How many images can I expect?
You can expect 8-15, professionally retouched images per outfit.  Each image will be a unique pose so you won’t get 6-10 images of the same pose!

Can we buy the digital images? 
Why do you need them? Let me guess most everyone wants to use images on their facebook and other social networking pages. We sell individual low resolution images sized just for facebook with our studio logo for a nominal fee. However if your total order price reaches a certain number… Guess What? We give them to you for free!

Can I print my own prints?
Why would you want to do that? We use a professional printer that insures you get fabulous prints of our professionally retouched images. Our print quality cannot be matched by local printers. However if you still insist on making your own prints we can quote you the cost per file.

Make your last year in High School count with the best Senior Portraits Ever!